Not Everything is Black and White

Positioned uniquely in the "grey space" between expanding dealers, open-line manufacturers, and their sales reps, we provide the services and bring together the people needed to navigate an ever-evolving landscape.

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A Small Crew with a Big Vision

Our Story

Innovating since day one

In 2020, we launched Cayke with a straightforward mission: to deliver transformative tools and fresh perspectives to an industry going through massive change.

Today, we’re still at the forefront of industry innovation, developing cutting-edge solutions and generating strategic insights through market research. Our goal is to help our partners stand out and succeed as they face new challenges and opportunities.

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Why choose GreySpace?

Turning insights into action to help you lead through industry transformation

At Greyspace, we're all about transforming the commercial interiors industry. Our mission? Equip you to not just navigate, but lead in this fast-paced market.

Our unique position means we offer unbiased, strategic advice. We get the pressures you face and are here to help you anticipate and tackle those challenges head-on.

We believe that those who embrace change are the ones who succeed. By turning insights into action, we guide you through the complexities of consolidation and industry evolution, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.

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